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Next One World sets itself apart from other fundraising consultants by providing organizations with a unique approach that carefully integrates the process of fund development to the overall operations and make it compliment the rest of the activities of an organization.

Most of the time, fundraising tends to be locked in a seemingly cast iron steel, not to consider that there are still other organizations that might need it. Next One World takes on the systems thinking approach to the work of an organization, converging together all of the core elements to a single mutually supportive and integrated whole.

Basic Operations

The fundraising efforts are hardly ever effective if the basic operations are not put in place: the products and mission of the community; the values that everyone shares; measurable goals and clear direction; a complete understanding of the constituents’ motivations and needs; a strong communications strategy that will speak to be understood by your constituents; and the management systems and leadership needed for supporting the fundraising activities.

Your Philanthropic Environment and Values

Everything will be personalized to your needs, resources and culture. We work to make sure that what we give you will fit right into your organization.

Your External and Internal Relationships

Every aspect of managing nonprofits will depend on the development of a strong constituency, whether it is outside or inside your organization. A dedicated and concerned constituency offers new donors, advocates, leaders, fundraising volunteers and increased gifts.

System Review and Evaluation

Our services for system review offer recommendations on how organizations will be able to better leverage the software. This is the result of our knowledge and experience that we were able to acquire through working with many similar organizations in the past.

Implementation and Training Services

Our one of a kind approach involves assigning one skilled consultant to your organization who will guide you through the whole process of implementation, from the initial assessment of needs up to configuration, training and meet the unique needs of the whole organization.

Upgrading Your System

Next One World offers implementation packages that have been designed to allow a smooth upgrade to all of the newest offerings. The upgrade services that we offer provide training and expertise that will let you make the most out of the latest enhancements and features.

Redesigning Your Accounting System

You can benefit from the changes to your existing software setup. A setup that is carefully planned is the main ingredient in order to obtain the desired results from a financial system. Next One World has found out that the design of the system means a big difference between unsuccessful and successful users.

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